Can’t compare! Morrison says the comparison between Foden and Rooney is “foolish”.

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Revel Morrison, midfielder for Derby County Comments that comparing Wayne Rooney to Phil Foden is a very stupid thing.

Derby fans have been arguing at UFABET online over whether they would want Phil Foden or Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney in their squad.

Phil Foden 21 is considered one of the best youngsters in the world. He has scored 38 goals in 144 games for City. Won three Premier League titles and is also a key player in the England national team under Gareth Southgate, playing 10 games last year.

Wayne Rooney currently serves as Derby County manager, is 36, scoring 253 goals in 559 games for United. He has won five Premier League titles and one Champions League title, and is also the club’s top scorer. England’s national team capped 120 caps and scored 53 goals.

And Morrison was very surprised that Foden would be compared to his master. He tweeted that “Compare the two of them with the real thing! Don’t be an idiot now! Wayne Rooney should not be compared to any English player.


And Morrison could not believe Foden was already being compared to his now-boss at Pride Park.

Morrison tweeted: “Both serious players! But let’s not be silly now!

“Wayne Rooney is clear from any English player.”

Plenty of fans appeared to agree with Morrison’s take on the debate too.

One said: “You tell them Ravel!”

Another noted: “Shouldn’t even be a debate.”

One added: “This must be a joke, Rooney clear by a mile.”