Dimitri reveals why Tuanzebe moved to Napoli

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Axel Tuanzebe’s agent Dimitri Tuanzebe has revealed why Axel Tuanzebe moved to Napoli. Because he hopes to get the chance to continue playing in the starting XI. Even though he wants to stay at A Stan Villa will continue with ทางเข้า UFABET

Manchester United previously sent Axel Tuanzebe to Aston Villa on loan. Appeared to have performed quite satisfactory before being called back immediately. Failing to squeeze in as a key figure at Manchester United. Axel Tuanzebe made the decision to move to Aston Villa on loan before the start of the 2021/22 season with the hopes of earning. Get the opportunity to enter the field continuously.

Unfortunately, Axel Tuanzebe has yet to be squeezed into the main character of Aston Villa. It has only made 11 appearances in all competitions. Causing Axel Tuanzebe to start considering a move. The team again before Napoli decided to bring Axel Tuanzebe to join the team on a half-season loan, and most recently, it was Dimitri Tuanzebe who revealed that Axel Tuanzebe wanted a chance. The field continued, so I decided to move to Napoli.

Axel Tuanzebe is very excited for a new challenge in his career and ready to help Napoli fully, but at first Axel Tuanzebe did not want to part ways with Aston Villa. Hoping to become an agent. Mainly, but after staying for 6 months, it is clear that Axel Tuanzebe is no longer in Steven Gerrard’s team plans and Napoli have made an offer to fit in. So he moved immediately. Even if Axel Tuanzebe wanted to stay at Aston Villa.