“Dublin” pointed out “Rashford” has no striker instinct

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Dion Dublin has criticized Marcus Rashford over his recent performance against Aston Villa, citing the England forward’s lack of striker instinct.

Manchester United were beaten 1-0 by Steven Gerrard’s men at Old Trafford, but there was a moment that especially irritated fans when Rashford thrived. Missed the timing of entering the tap-in.

Events such as the occasion when Mason Greenwood has brought the ball forward. And shot to the save of Emiliano Martinez, causing the ball to spill out into the way But Rashford stopped running and stood still, missed the door, leading up to regret, which Dublin has spoken of at this rhythm. “It happened twice in this UFABET game. Rashford just used his heel to kick the ball in.”

“If he is in front He will have the opportunity to tap-in. He didn’t seem to try to seize the opportunity at all. he should keep running He looked very discouraged. I haven’t seen him smile in a long time.”

“I would like to see him enjoy football again. He is a very good footballer. And now I think he lacks the striker instinct.”

Since returning from injury three months ago, he has scored just three goals in 14 appearances across all competitions. and has not been able to score a goal since October