How do tigers and dragons play? What are the rules of play? View a sample review here.

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Tiger Dragon or Dragon Tiger online casino games that are designed to please those who love to measure their fortunes. With a play style that is easy. Fun and has a quick appearance. Results are known in no more than 3 minutes. It can also bet on both mobile phones and computers. Today we will review how to play the Dragon Tiger card game and explain the rules of play. Let’s understand in detail what there will be. Let’s see.

Dragon Tiger betting pattern to have a chance to win money

Dragon Tiger is a card game that has a betting style similar to Baccarat. But it’s easier to play because it uses only one card to decide if you lose or win and doesn’t draw more cards like Bacarat . The rules of play are easy to understand and not complicated. No experience is required to place bets. which makes gamblers more accessible Other forms of online gambling

But if there are other types of gambling games that the author thinks are easier to play than tigers and dragons, then probably there will only be Slot Online .

What Dragon Tiger Betting Rules Should Players Know?

Solitaire Dragon Tiger has a betting style that is played only by the player who chooses to guess. Which side will have more points? Between Tiger and Dragon, card counting is different from baccarat because the points on the English letter face cards do not have a value of zero. Therefore, we will teach you how to count the points on the face of the cards as follows.

  1. K = 13 points
  2. Q = 12 points
  3. J = 11 points
  4. 10 = 10 points
  5. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 are counted according to the number of numbers on the face of the card.
  6. A = 1 point

Rules for playing card games Dragon Tiger

The rules of Dragon Tiger card games are not as many as other casino games as follows.

tiger dragon
  1. There will be betting time for players to place bets at the specified time. There are 3 types of betting options available.
    1. TIGER
    2. Dragon (DRAGON)
    3. Always (TIE)
Dragon Tiger

2. After the due time The dealer will deal 1 card to each side, starting from 1 Dragon and 1 Tiger. The cards will be dealt face up at the same time.

tiger dragon

3. The result of losing or winning looks from the points on the face of the card, which side has more points on the face of the card, is considered to be the winner immediately. After the player knows the result, the dealer will immediately restart the turn.

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When entering the menu page, the player has to follow the steps as follows.

tiger dragon
  1. Choose the chip that you want to bet with a minimum of 20 baht.
  2. Choose the type of bet you want.
  3. press confirm bet

Preliminary reviews that we recommend to all friends to know each other. Can be used as a guideline for betting in both Sagaming and Sexy Baccarat. If anyone is interested in joining the fun with Dragon Tiger games, they can apply for membership at UFABET , a comprehensive online casino gambling website.

Preparation before playing the game of betting on Sagaming and Sexy Baccarat

If you start playing Dragon Tiger online should check the website that we play well because there are many Cheating of an unreliable website  because if being cheated by a gambling website , then solving the problem will be much more difficult than the credibility check process before playing.

After we have a web site to play, what should be known next is The promotions of the websites that we play are good or bad. The promotion of playing Sagaming is not over. Deposit 100 get 1000 free like this, let’s first suspect that it will definitely cheat. Simply put, we have played and if we lose, we lose, but if we can play If you want a refund  , deposit-withdraw must be easy and convenient.  There is no minimum and it doesn’t take long, the money must reach us.

In addition, there is another thing that I would like to warn everyone before starting to play Dragon Tiger Online, which is money management before gambling  , whether it’s  Slot Online  or  Baccarat Online.  But if you like excitement There were girls in bikinis to deal cards. We recommend you to play  Sexy Baccarat , so I guarantee that you will be hooked. Never quit playing for sure

After choosing a website to play Dragon Tiger online , try to find out what is the cost first, or set a goal for that amount. If we want 500 baht per day.