Rice regrets leaving Chelsea

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West Ham United midfielder Declan Rice admits he was saddened. Embarrassed to part ways with Chelsea as a youngster. Before his debut at West Ham United, following the transfer news. come continuously

Despite being a young player, Declan Rice has done a remarkable job with West Ham United. Becoming a key player for West Ham United. He helping West Ham United have been successfully elevated to the top of the table. A great performance, Declan Rice has become a player with news of moving the team out all the time. The original agency like Chelsea plans to pull. Declan Rice has returned to the ทางเข้า UFABET team despite spending huge sums of money.

By Declan Rice had been with Chelsea before as a youth. But due to many problems, Declan Rice failed the audition and had to part with Chelsea immediately, then Declan Rice moved. Proving himself to a number of teams before West Ham United brought Declan Rice to the team and has now been elevated to the top of the list. Declan Rice admits being hit by Chelsea Letting go made him extremely sad and embarrassed.

“Being released by Chelsea at the age of 14 was something I didn’t expect at all because I only played football for Chelsea but after being released from the team it gave me I am very saddened and saddened that I am still given the opportunity from Fulham so that I can prove myself again before coming to West Ham United.”